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How to impress your date? Just relax.It can be a bit endearing for your date to see you a little flustered and nervous but awkwardness has a very short shelf life. Instead, take a deep breath and calm down.  It’s just a date – really. It’s not going to impact how your life will turn out and it shouldn’t.  Have fun and don’t expect too much. This will eliminate any unnecessary pressure on you both and make you look cool.  
Another way to learn how to impress your date is find out what your date likes. Imagine how disastrous your day or evening would be if you took your date to an Indian restaurant only to find out they dislike spicy food or may be even allergic to it. Try to learn what your date is interested in and consider what you yourself like. Then, work out a compromise so you end up being in one place you will both enjoy.Listen, and listen well.This is not just about how to impress your date but a date is your chance to get to know someone special. You can’t do this if your attention is someplace else.
 Try to avoid distractions by turning off your cell phone (or at least the ringer) and focusing on your date. When they talk, listen attentively and don’t interrupt.  It’s not only rude; it also shows you’re not really interested in what they have to say.Hold back on too much information.Does your date really have to know why you got fired from your last job? Do you have to tell your date about that boil the size of a cherry tomato that you got operated on last week? Or do you absolutely have to tell that story of how you got drunk in Mexico and attempted to bull-fight a sheep? Guess not. 
Certainly, these things are not included on how to impress your date. Another sure way on how to impress your date is make dinner.If you’re a mean cook, volunteer to host dinner for two. A full-course dinner shows that you put a lot of thought into your date and that you have a useful skill. Plan your dinner from the appetizer to dessert and show off your specialty dish. Just make sure to watch out for any food allergies your date might have or if he’s vegetarian, you better not serve meat. Another way on how to impress your date is to avoid the basics.Ask any man or woman what his or her idea of a date is and you’ll probably get the standard answer: movie, dinner and coffee. 
 If you want to learn how to impress your date, find other ways to do and places to go to. Go on a hot air balloon ride or horseback riding or if your date loves art, go to an exhibit by an artist he or she admires. Drive your date to a winery and participate in wine tasting or arrange to have a private tour of a museum or historical place. Chivalry isn’t dead and it shouldn’t die with you.Having good manners is a major plus on how to impress a date. If you’re taking your date to a fancy restaurant, at least know how things are done in there. Practice good etiquette, open the door for a woman, and don’t yell at the waiter. For women, don’t attempt to emasculate the man and for men, don’t make the woman feel incapable. It’s a fine line you have to walk on but just remember… good manners never hurt anyone and you would do well to show you’re evolved. 
Politeness is certainly one way on how to impress your date.Lastly, but not the least on how to impress your date is be yourself.Nothing leaves a bad impression more than you pretending to be someone you’re not. If you can’t sing, don’t. If you can’t dance, don’t insist to show your date some moves.  Don’t make up stories just to make your date go ‘wow’. If they discover you fibbed about some details, their first good impression of you isn’t bound to last.Dating should not be that stressful. For men, do you really, really want to learn how to impress your date easily? Did you know that you can win any woman’s heart through the power of humor?  Make women laugh and fall in love. Discover how to make any woman burst out laughing in 2 minutes and any babe fall in love in 2 hours visit Make Women Laugh And Fall In Love.But wait, dating is not just about how to impress your date; it’s all about getting the girl you want. Discover the 7-phase formula for dating success! What is the golden rule of approaching women that maximizes your chances of finally getting the girl you want by 300% visit The Art Of Approaching Women.


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