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Well, i was watching pokemon tv and after a gormiti advert i saw an advert for games, music, power, website, kids, teenager and names 2 make your whole day worth while at the peak of the moment. i was a bit supprised as i collected them when i was about 11 or 12, so gettin on 12-13 years ago. I looked on toypedia and it does say 1996 to current. i went to wollies today to look at toys and see if they had any gormiti in. at the till they had Go Gos Crazy Bones Att Go for sale, i was well pleased got 2 packs for  1.50 each. each pack contained 3 crazy bones 3 stickers and a little cloth bag to hold em. have they been constantly available in the uk since 1996 in england and i just noticed or have they just been re-released? i really hope there isnt ten years worth of series of these to collect or its gonna be a nightmare if i start collecting them! 
oh yeah... is any one else collecting them at the moment? 
I have only just started collecting them and to be honest i wish i hadnt bothered, Dont get me wrong the sculpts are cool and the Free ideas are whack but ive got so many i cant identify and i cant stand that plus a few have the wrong numbers on and that annoys me too but i do believe the new Online Games are called New Generation and are slightly bigger than the other series but all in all there are about 10+ series plus mega bones and so on and on and on and on, oh yeah and the millions and millions of colours. 
Eh, I never really thought the "toothpaste" ones were too difficult. The ones I'd sometimes find most frustrating were certain clear ones with gold glitter, especially when they laid on the glitter too thickly.

Did you notice a particular problem with later clear figures noticeably and easily being damaged? I'm thinking about the Things set in particular - those were horrible, and clear figures were so common too. It'd take only a couple rounds of the original game for them to become dinged up. I have one in particular, a hamburger, that used to be a clear orange. Now it's almost half-white from being worn down. Of course, at the time I was young enough that I played with them, not now, but the original sets NEVER got damaged like that, not even clear ones. Things were garbage, and it's no surprise that they're dirt-cheap on the secondary market, even more than other Crazy Bones are.

If you want to try out the genuine article, Oli, I'd be more than happy to oblige the next time I'm home. My hatred for Things aside, they were and still are varying shades of awesome to me, but maybe you'd have more use for them. It'll have to wait until May, when I'm home, but it's something. 

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